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You Must Read This Before You Get This Game.

The Game Is Still In Development So If There Are Bugs Then Pls Contact Me

In This Game There Are Crafting Recipes Here Are The Items In The Game.

(1) Gray Shards. can Be Found In The Open sea.

(2) Gray Ore Can Be Found In The Ground Or On The floating Rocks

(3) Green Flux Ore Can Be Found In The Hell Caves

(4) Red Berry Vines Can Be Found in Sea Weed in The Open sea

(5) The Pinky Ore Can Be Found In The Hell Caves


To Craft Just Pick Up A Item And Put It On A Another

(1) One shard And One Ore Make A Drill

(2) Two Shards To Gather Make A Upgrade Console

(3) If You Combine A Ore With The Upgrade Console You Get A Mini Sub Hit X To Become The sub.

(4) One Shard And One Flux Make A Sword That Can Kill The Reaper

(5) One Sword And One Pinky Ore Make The why To Win

Sea Monsters And Fish

(1) PEEPER Harmless And Can Be Killed By Shards. Can Be Found In The Open Sea

(2) LUNG FISH Harmless And Can Be Killed By Shards. Can Be Found In The Open Sea

(3) PINK Bubbles Harmless unless The Rock There Stuck To Is Gone They Will Move Crazily Around Until They Find Another Rock. (HINT) DONT GET IN THERE WHY WHEN THEY FIND A NEW ROCK

(4) GREEN CRABS Harmless But Not In The Next Update

(5) PURPLE BOMBERS Not Harmless If They See You They run at You And... BOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!! Can Be Found In The Reapers Den Or The Hell Caves

(5) THE REAPER Find Out For Your Self LOL


the sub can now make gray ore into land mines

Bug Fixes And More Detail to The World

And Mining Is Slower Now

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
AuthorMax Unholy
TagsAction-Adventure, Monsters, underwater
Player countSingleplayer


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